Clifftones started in the beginning of year 2000, and consists of 7 professional, successful musicians that has freelanced with well-established bands and artists for many years. The base is in Stockholm, Sweden, but the roots vary.

Band members: Thomas "The Doctor" Zidén (leadvocals/guitar), Lennart "Z" Zethzon (bass & vocals), Peter Bergkvist (drums), Claes Alvin (organ/piano, vocals), David Nyström (keyboard, organ, vocals), Thomas Alvin (percussion), Robert Östlund (guitar).

Claes, Thomas and Z played in the reggae band Generals in the 80s. David, Peter and Z played together in Puff'n Stuff in the beginning of the 90s. The Doctor and Z met in the end of the 90s and played together in the band Blues Brew. Zidén formed the band Dara Dagger in the 90s. 2000 Peter and David was on tour with Ulf Lundell.

Clifftones plays heavy roots with a genuine sound. Wailers is mixed with influences from Rock Steady and suggestive Dub rhythms. The joy of playing music and true swing is the foundation of Clifftones.

2005 the first Clifftones CD was released "Socialize". Recorded in the Musikcentralen in Tungelsta south of Stockholm, and was mixed by Johan Lindström (Hammarby Studio).

2011 the second CD was released "Universe by Bus". The material was recorded in the Musikcentralen in Tungelsta and was mixed by Johan Lindström. On the CD there are also features of Goran Kajfes on trumpet and Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson on alto sax.

Clifftones has also had guests like "Spoonman" (Soundgarden etc.) and Robert Östlund (Bo Kasper etc.) who now is a steady member on guitar.